Solutions for Nephrology clinics

Learn more about the specialized modules of the Dialsist Web system, for Multiprofessional Team and Clinical Nephrology Centers management.

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Quality Card

Dialsist has management and monitoring of indicators through the Quality Card
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Dialsist Web

Dialsist has been in the market for over 24 years, and is installed in the main capitals and cities of Brazil
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Available Modules


Committed and knowledgable staff!

Dialsist has a team of programmers and analysts with experience in Nephrology, offering the best customer experience.

Training focused on the structure!

The trainings are planned according to the structure of each clinic, training the clinical teams and administrative use of Dialsist.

Periodic system update

Dialsist maintenance and upgrades are free and periodically available over the Internet automatically.

We follow SBIS certification standards according to CFM - 2016

Business partners

We have more than 60 partners all over Brazil.


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